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With reference to international standards and best practices, our company actively explores the implementation of scientific, standardized and systematic social responsibility management to improve the performance of sustainable development effectively. The company focuses on improving the ability of sustainable development, promoting social responsibility and business management. It has been an active participant in improving the conformity of social responsibility.


More than: >85 patents

Glass Outer + Glass Inner Refillable

Ceramic Colored spray


ISO 9001

ISO 14001

OHSAS 18001




GB/T 28001


National Environmental Protection Energy Saving Enterprise

The company carries out the design concept of green earth, environmental protection and energy saving. Using the central air-conditioning waste heat recovery system to achieve the hot water supply for the production area, office area and living area; Solar power cold and hot water interactive system, to solve the injection molding machine backwater pressure problem; L corridor back whirlwind design, make the workshop keep constant temperature; Rainwater recovery system to achieve water recycling. Based on the above new technologies, we have reduced energy consumption by 20-40%, greatly realized the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction.

National High-Tech Enterprise

The company always pays attention to R&D and has many years of experience in the cosmetics packaging industry. As “National High-tech Enterprises” and "Provincial R&D Center“, we get almost 5% invested in R&D with over 60 professionals and technicians. The chairman himself comes from technical and R&D background, a technical consultant of domestic leading enterprise. As of March 2017, the company has obtained 54 national patents, including 11 invention patents and 43 utility model patents.

Top 10 Comprehensive Strength

The company responded to an appeal by the national " Made in China 2025", established friendly and cooperative relations with the domestic largest corporate governance consultancy and the Canadian famous enterprises Leiden. Under their professional help, the company integrated ERP, MES, intelligent logistics, production automation and multiple cloud management system, established a concise, clear and extensibility information system for manufacturing. Providing an intelligent model of automation and less humanization for the industry.

National Green Factory

China Daily Chemical Innovation Award

R&D Center of Provincial High-tech Enterprise

Zhejiang Scientific & Technological Enterprise

District Chief Quality

Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise

Safe and Harmonious Demonstration Enterprise

Top 10 Cultural Enterprises in the District