xinyu global research centers are located in China, Japan, and USA. Centers include creative design teams, innovative mold research & development teams, eco decoration & material research teams and automation development team. Each team consists of experienced experts in the industries. With long-lasting investment in sustainable research and development on a global scale, Xinyu tech able to provide customers with the most innovative solutions.


Includes experienced experts and creative younger-generation designers. In addition, we also partner with international well-known designers.

Consists of 75 experts, including Chairman. Chairman started mold research since 15 years old, who is currently partner with many international brands as their product development adviser.

Consists of award-winning scientists and 36 industry well-known experts.

includes 28 physicists and automation experts.

Each new product was testified by world finest equipments.

Testify points:

safety/molecule stability under Simulating extreme environment

corrosion resistance


material compatibility


Reusablity / Eco-friendliness

color saturation

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