Xinyu plants’ facilities are fully compliant with Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) regulations.


40% energy consumption reduction compares to 2017, greatly achieved the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction.


25% reduction

Spray & Metallization coating lines that deliver a 25% reduction in energy consumption.

Zero VOC emissions

Zero VOC emissions via an advanced RCO (Regenerative Catalytic Oxidation) treatment system.

100% of water recycling

An innovative treatment system that enables 100% of water to be recycled.

100% of rainwater recycling

Rainwater recovery system to achieve rainwater 100% recycling.

Reduce hazardous waste

Advanced systems to reduce and control hazardous waste.

Energy reuse

Using the central air-conditioning waste heat recovery system to achieve the hot water supply for the production area, office area and living area.

Solve backwater pressure problem

Solar power cold and hot water interactive system, to solve the injection molding machine backwater pressure problem.

Zero energy Cooling system

corridor back whirlwind design, enable the workshop keep constant temperature.


Dust-free clean room suitable for producing high-end transparent products.


Dust-free injection molding thermostatic clean room workshops.

Dust-proof, static-proof

Dust-proof, static-proof seamless flooring.