Xinyu Tech intelligent manufacturing executive system

Real-time industrial management


Xinyu Tech IMES intelligent manufacturing executive System, with the help of information transmission, realizes the whole process, which from placing an order to completion the production, optimization and monitoring. It can make real-time response, analysis and report as for the real-time event in the production process. meanwhile, according to the accurate date. it can guide and processing the response, analysis as well as the report. Through the design of the auto-production line and intelligent logistics. Xinyu Tech IMES reduces the incidence of errors and increase the efficiency, shorten the production delivery cycle improve performance of material circulation and the rate of return in the production.

Xinyu Tech
IMES core-functions

Real-time industrial management


Xinyu Tech IMES core-functions

Advance Plan Schedule

Setting scientific scheduling rules, evaluating the capacity of the equipments comprehensively, to realize sending production order to the equipment in real-time and the whole process from issuing the production order to distributing plans.


Work-In-Process Tracking

The modules establish achieves of work-in-process product to track and monitor. The system issues SOP to the operator who process the produce according to the settled technological requirements and the tracks the production process.


SPC Analysis

The system collects and analysis procedure data of every process, with the help of histograms, line graph, X-R diagram and other PSC control charts to make abnormal judgment and process ability index analysis, to carry out procedure quality control for the production process.


Equipment interconnection

Includes Devices’ OEE and data collection, Collect Process parameters production data, energy data of the equipment in real-time; realize the function of auto-alarming, regular maintenance and maintenance notice.


Our Workshops

Moulding Workshop

Facilities: Machining Centers: MAKINO JAPAN, HAAS USA, FANUC JAPAN Detection Devices: 5 testing instruments, which are German Zeiss coordinates, projector, altimeter, hardness machine and point mirror.

Capacity: More than 500 sets of moulds Annually

As “National High-tech Enterprises” and “Provincial R&D Center”, we get almost 5% invested in R&D. with 75 professionals and technicians. The chairman himself comes from technical and R&D background, a technical consultant of domestic leading enterprise. Recently, we implement Moulding Management System which enable us to provide even better quality, faster time, and more professional production.

Injection Workshop

Injection Facilities: 120 Sets (Daily Capacity: T 2.7 Million Pcs)/Including 10 set FANUC injection machine imported from Japan.

Injection are separated with inspection & packing to ensure the assembling area clean with constant temperature

Smart Lean Production Intellectual Convey System, which help save 50% of labor:

Intelligent Calling System

Smart Material Management

Sman Tags

Spray & Metallization Workshop

Facilities: 8 Lines, capable for UV spraying, vacuum, metallizing, crystal process, color coating, water-borne, and thermocuring spraying on various materials (glass, plastic, and alumina).

Capacity: 1,000,000 pcs/day

Constant temperature and clean production environment, to ensure the quality

Screenprinting & H/S Workshop

Facilities: Silk Screen Printing Machines (Including Auto Printing Machines), H/S Machine, Laser Engraving Machine

Products: Capable for silk screen printing / bronzing / shift printing / carving on various of materials (glass, plastic, alumina) and surface (spray, vacuum coating)

Capacity: 500,000 Times/Day

Constant temperature and clean production environment, to ensure the quality; With high automatic utilization rate, our efficiency is improved significantly

Assembling Workshop

Facilities: 48 assembly lines, 24 automatic assembly machines.

35 auto-assembly and testing machines, 14 auto inner plug laminating machines, 12 auto-testing machines.

26 ultrasonic machine, 20 automatic dispensing machine.

Capacity: 600,000 pcs/day

Constant temperature and clean production environment, to ensure the quality

Smart Tags system: with real-time reporting to ensure the traceability for each box