At Xinyu Tech, we consider our employees a part of our family

Looking for a growing company that truly believes in teamwork?

Why Join Our

Xinyu Tech is more than a place to work, it is our second family. We believe if you are going to spend all day with people, you should enjoy your time here. We have created a culture where we can thrive as a company and enjoy the people around us.

Innovative Sustainable Engineering


  • Pay for social security
  • Annual bonus
  • Paid annual leave
  • Outside training
  • Quarterly/annual employee events
  • Nice & Clean dormitory
  • All food, for employees, from Xinyu Eco Farm. 100% organic
  • Equipped with Leisure facilities,including Gym, coffee bar, reading room and so on
Innovative Sustainable Engineering


Xinyu Tech is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We look for employees that fit our skill needs and our culture regardless of age, race, religion, sex, origin, disability status.

Innovative Sustainable Engineering


Learning and training should not have an end date. At Xinyu Tech we meet often to discuss new innovations in the industry and new methods we can embrace to make us a more efficient group. Whether it is learning a new sales technique, a new product launch or new software, we provide all employees with the knowledge to be successful.

Our Core Values


Seek Truth &
Quick Action &
Great Result


Focus &
Ingenuity &
Strive for Excellence


Catch The Point &
Dig Deep &
Amplify the Process


Keep Innovative &
Produce In High Quality &
Create a Bright Future
Looking for a growing
company that truly believes in teamwork?

If you interested in joining our Xinyu Tech team, please contact us

HR tel:+85-575-82088099

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